Casting the Net


Rotating inside the skull.

Circumnavigating the inner thoughts; an alien planet.

Ghostly hands slipping foreign concepts into the system.

Velvety black wings plunging wildly to and fro, the snag of tiny dagger teeth

sinking deep into the dry, splintered heart.

Awaiting the sting of the scorpions’ tail, poised, ready.

Flooding the corridoor of no return with wild lust, cushioned in anticipation.

Your ball and chain digs into my soul, karma announcing its’ presence.

The psyche masterbates itself, cutting destiny down at the roots.

Wary of your ever-growing pile of broken promises.

Stay vacant and emotionless, keep the wolves at bay, hide in the purple shadows and ready the trip wire; your invisible web.

You circle your prey, throwing tiny morsels at their feet.

Casting the net, dragging us in, convulsing in spiritual agony.

I’m drowning in the moonlight, my scales glistening with blood, flapping around on the deck, gasping for air, gills puffing with rejection.

You don’t even have the decency to pull out the hook.


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