The Demonization of sex & protecting children

The people who are most afraid of children being exposed to sexuality are the very people who inflict it on children – through molestation (physical or mental – i.e. ‘you’ll go to hell if you do that!”) We forget that children have their own brand of sexuality – like discovering they have body parts that feel good sometimes. The trick is – not to make them feel bad about it – whilst keeping it relatively private.

The problem is that adults have to include themselves in it – leave the children alone! – meaning don’t discourage sexuality, but at the same time – teach them that there’s a time & a place for it. (Us adults could learn from that!) It’s when we have to ‘include’ ourselves – via child pornography & molestation – or the other end of the spectrum – demonizing sexuality – that we warp their fragile little minds!

Just because we have such a variety of sexual hang-ups, doesn’t mean that we can impose them on our children. (And because of them – imposing our hang-ups on other adults!) We are all responsible for keeping our children safe – but not to the detriment of their psychological well-being or the well-being of consenting, mature adults.

There is a time & place for everything – let’s not continue the backslide into the Dark Ages! No more witch hunts & burning at the stake. Either grow up & recognize that we are in the 21st Century – or climb back under the rock you came from.