A New Life Awaits


Well, I promised that I’d share my great news this week – then I wondered if I should wait until the new year, but that would be cruel (if anyone cares!)

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do my whole adult life and due to a variety of factors – I am finally in a position where I can GIVE UP MY DAY JOB and FOCUS ON MY WRITING CAREER!


That’s right – I’ve handed in my resignation and my last day worked will be 1/4/16. I know it’s a Monday, but I thought I might as well get my paid holidays. I have four more work days until then, which I know will drag – but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Two major things have paved the way for this momentous occasion: my husband getting a better paying job and my discovery of freelance work. I didn’t want to rely on him for my “pocket money” – not that we’re rich by any stretch of the imagination. (We keep joking that one day I will be earning enough as an author for him to be able to stay home, wear fluffy slippers and eat bon-bons all day!)

I have ten writing projects (my own) that I plan to complete by the end of 2016, which is a mix of fiction, non-fiction, articles, short-stories, poetry and even a cookbook (which is related to one of my projects: “The Willow Lake Group” – to be released early 2016.)

I currently have two freelance jobs I’m working on – found at:


One is a Ghost writing gig and another is data entry. Together they total $700 in earnings for me – with many more to come. I have a lot to be grateful for and I’m going to make the most of it, by planning carefully and ensuring that I don’t have to beg my husband for money. (Even though he’d be more than happy to help – there’s a side to me that wants to make sure that I don’t become a “kept-woman”.)

What’s also going to be better for me is ensuring that I do have the time for proper diet and exercise. No more excuses about lack of time or motivation, etc. Even though I’ve been mostly good – trying to cut out gluten, soy and anti-thyroid foods among the other no-no’s – I’ve been a bit slack with the exercise.

Funnily enough – the holiday period hasn’t affected my eating regime a bit. We had a simple Christmas dinner (just Robert and I) – with roast pork-loin and veggies – done in the slow-cooker. I’ve been able to stay away from ice-cream but have had some chocolate here and there.

Making my own granola bars, eating eggs when hungry in between breakfast and lunch as well as having Green smoothies and Kombucha tea, I feel a lot “cleaner”.

I’m going to be making my own Kombucha tea next week. I bought a Scobie – the starter for the Kombucha tea – and have saved my bottles, so I’m looking forward to making my own healthy, probiotic drinks – which will save money too. ($3.00 plus per 16 oz drink is becoming a bit much!)


The following info about the Scoby is from this wonderful website:


(“SCOBY” is actually an acronym for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.” It’s very close cousins to the mother used to make vinegar.

The scoby bacteria and yeast eat most of the sugar in the tea, transforming the tea into a refreshingly fizzy, slightly sour fermented (but mostly non-alcoholic) beverage that is relatively low in calories and sugar.)

I’m also hoping to be growing our own herbs and veggies next year – so we’ll see how that goes!

I made a nice dish with turkey balls – creating Shasliks/Gyro’s – along with peppers, zucchinis and onions:


I mixed the mince turkey with onion, garlic, parsley, an egg and some seasoning, then formed them into balls and carefully slid them onto the skewers – alternating with the veggies and grilling for about seven minutes each side. I didn’t put any breadcrumbs in the mince – which I usually do.

They were delicious and so easy! Also – looked a lot like Christmas!

I have already planned how my days will go once I leave my job, as I will continue to get up early and prepare for my days as though going to a full time job. Even though I won’t have to dress up or commute, I’m going to keep up a schedule and stick to it. My work day will start at 8am and I will “knock off” at 4pm – still allowing myself an hour for lunch.

I hope to be able to focus on my freelance work in the mornings and switch to my own writing projects in the afternoon. When 4pm hits, I will start preparing dinner and do a little housework. After dinner I will continue with my writing (which will also continue to include promoting and marketing) and will endeavor to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

I will treat the weekends as my free time – but won’t feel so stressed with having to get back into the daily grind on Monday morning, in terms of getting ready and travelling to work. I know that I’ll continue writing on the weekends as I love it and won’t be able to help myself anyway!

The first week will be dedicated to getting the house in order so I won’t have much to do on a daily basis the following week. I will also be going to the bank to open a separate account for my freelance earnings, as I’ll need to make sure I keep proper records for tax, etc. I will be putting back at least 20% each month – just in case.

I had to get smart and start a proper budget spreadsheet, making sure that every dollar is accounted for. With my final pay (which includes holiday pay and earnings from freelance work so far) I’m covered up until the end of February. I just need to make sure I keep the work lined up – which shouldn’t be a problem – as there’s plenty of work on Outsource – as well as:




This is a very exciting time for me and a milestone that’s been a long time coming. I’ll be posting some dreams I’ve been having on my Collective Unconscious blog soon – which all pointed to this momentous occasion!

As a side note, I don’t want you to think that I’m rubbing your noses in my happiness, as I wish the same if not better for you all. If I can do this – so can you – with or without a supportive partner. Of course, it makes a difference to have that kind of safety net, but the freelance work is out there just waiting to be picked up. I’m kicking myself for not getting into it sooner!

Here’s my menu plan for next week:


Until then, stay happy and healthy!